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Creative Homemaking Affiliate Program:

Sign up for Creative Homemaking's affiliate program and earn 40% commission by linking to Creative Homemaking's What's for Dinner? cookbook or Freezing Cookie Dough booklet. Click here to sign up for a free affiliate account at The url you will use to create your link is Replace the XXXXXX with your Clickbank "nickname". Clickbank will send you a check every 2 weeks. Your Clickbank link will link to our Products Page. This page links to both cookbooks, so you can use this link to promote both of the cookbooks.

Below are some banners you can use to promote the What's for Dinner? cookbook. Please download the image to place it on your web site.



Promotion Ideas:

If you would like a copy of either of the cookbooks, just e-mail me. One way to promote the cookbooks is to reprint articles I have written. Reprints are listed here. If you would like to use a cookbook as a giveaway for a contest, just drop me an e-mail me and let me know.

Affiliate Newsletter:

Please sign up for my affiliate newsletter so I can keep you informed about changes/additions to Creative Homemaking's affiliate program.

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