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Sneaking in Nutrition
by Laura S. Garrett

Improving the way you and your family eat can be done quite simply. Start sneaking nutrition packed foods into the foods you already prepare.

* Shredded carrots in casseroles, scrambled eggs, muffins, or cakes (works well with some, not others)

* Finely broken up broccoli florets in casseroles, spaghetti sauce, ground meat, baked potato topping

* Dry milk (slip into baked products including homemade bread, pancakes, waffles, etc.)

* Fresh spinach mixed with lettuce in salads

* Almond slivers with green beans

* Ground flax seeds and add to baked products, cooked cereals, yogurt, frozen yogurt topping

* Milk shakes made with fresh strawberries, bananas, or blueberries along with soy powder using skim milk

* Prepare cooked cereals with skim milk instead of water

* Add fresh, diced, cooked tomatoes to tomato sauces

The possibilities are unlimited. Whenever you begin to prepare a favorite dish or meal, think to yourself, "Is there a vegetable or other nutritious food item that I can add to make this meal better for me?".

For those of you who are less than creative, the recommended book below is an excellent book to help you "sneak" foods in. I highly recommend "Stealth Health".

Laura S. Garrett is a registered dietitian, fitness trainer, editor of the two newsletters Nutrition & Exercise Health Tips and Healthy Recipe Tip, and owner of To find out more about the weight loss and fitness services Laura offers, visit or to subscribe to her newsletters send an e-mail to

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