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Removing Dog Urine from Wood Floor

Q: We have wood floors, but under our coffee table we have a white shag rug, the dog has been peeing on it a few times and its now got so bad that we've taken the rug out and are now left with a large stain on the wood floors where the pee had soaked can I remove this stain???? HELP!!!

A: There's a product that just came out last year -- Urine-Off -- that was made especially for this...not only will it lift the stain out of your hardwood floor (as long as the acid in the dog urine hasn't burned it), but it will remove the scent of the urine to the extent that your dog won't even detect it. A friend of mine is a floor installer and now uses Urine-Off as if it were a hammer on all of his install jobs...comes in handy.

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