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Carpet Spot Remover

Tip #1: Use hydrogen peroxide on blood stains (test first for color fast/fading). Whether the stain is old or new just pour peroxide on the stain and let sit for at least a half an hour, rinse in cold water, if stain is lessened but not gone, repeat and let sit for longer period of time. Worked on blood stain that was a week old for me!Also used it on the carpet in an automobile that had blood on it and it removed it completely!! Don't be alarmed when it foams up, blood is a protein and peroxide reacts to proteins!--Patricia

Tip #2: Club soda makes a good instant spot remover. Pour a little on the stain, let it set for a second or two, and blot with a damp sponge.

Tip #3: A mixture of 1/2 cup mild dishwashing liquid and 2 cups boiling water also makes a great spot remover for carpets. Apply with a damp sponge.

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