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Removing Bathtub Rings

Tip #1: I have found that using hair conditioner, mayonnaise, and even a lemon gets the grime and grease off of the bathtub. I have used all three and even toothpaste and they work, believe it or not they do work. I can't stand the smells of the cleaners from the stores, so I figured I would try what I had around the house. Conditioner works the best for me, and there's no strenuous scrubbing at all. Even using cream of tartar and peroxide work as well. We have two tubs in the house so it cuts down on the doubly long hours it used to take.

Tip #2: Interesting. I have good luck with Don Aslett's shower cleaner. It can be found at QVC or his own website. It takes me about 10 minutes to clean the tub/shower top to bottom!

Tip #3: That is a good way to use household items that are laying around the house. However I find it much easier, and faster to use one of the magic eraser things they have started selling in the store. I live in a house of two single me they work.

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