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Removing Blood Stains from Clothing

Tip #1: For blood stains in laundry, apply meat tenderizer to stained area. Add warm water to make a paste. Wait 15 to 30 minutes and sponge with cool water. Wash.

hydrogen peroxideTip #2: You can also remove a blood stain from clothing by soaking the item in lukewarm water that contains ammonia. Add 3 tbsp. of ammonia per gallon of water.

Tip #3: Sprinkle table salt on blood stain and rub it in really well before washing.

Tip #4: When you get blood (or even stubborn spaghetti sauce!) on your favorite blouse, simply soak the spot with Peroxide, rub a bit, let set and it will simply vanish! You may want to test in an inconspicious spot first, to make sure it doesn't bleach your fabric...Nelly

Tip #5: Pour hydrogen peroxide 3% solution on blood stain, it removes the stain instantly. It will not damage the fabric.

Tip #6: My son got his 12 month shot and bled through the band aid all over my new shirt. The nurse told me to use hydrogen peroxide before I washed it. I did and had to wash it twice, but it got every bit of blood out. I guess leave it to a nurse to know how to remove blood!...Marla

Tip #7: Rub area of stain with a wet bar of Ivory Soap and let sit for 10 minutes. Launder as usual. I don't know why it works only that it removed all the blood stains from his pillow case and sheets from my husband's frequent nose bleeds...Linda

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