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Removing Cocktail Sauce Stains from Clothes

Q: I have gotten cocktail sauce stains on my favorite clothing. Can someone please tell help me and tell me what is the best way to remove these stains?

Tip #1: Try some ivory soap. I buy three bars at the $1 store usually and put one or two bars in water in a plastic container with a lid so the soap becomes soft. Then I take it out and rub some on the stain. Hopefully your clothing can be washed and this tip will help you...Lois

Tip #2: The original (not the Clorox version or other versions) OxyClean Laundry, Carpet, and Upholstery Spray. I just saturate the stain on both sides, in the case of clothing, let sit for a few hours and then wash as usual. Of course, you may want to test an inconspicuous place for color fastness. (It's never bothered anything I've used it on.) Has NEVER let me down on ANYTHING I've ever tried it on.

Tip #3: My mom firmly believes in rubbing dishwashing liquid with a grease-cutter into the stains, and then rinsing the spot with very warm water. Try it!! Hope you get the stains out...Elsa

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