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Color Faded on Clothing

Q: A dark green shirt faded on my boys' new light green dress shirts that they had only worn once. I didn't discover this until after I had dried them in the dryer. Is there any way to get the dark green off? They need the shirts, and I don't want to dye them. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Tip #1: Use powdered bleach along with your detergent, toss the light green shirts in with warm water, wash as usual. This should take any excess colour from the light green shirts without any damage...Marie

Tip #2: There is a product from Carbona called Color Run Remover. You can usually find it near the laundry detergent. I've had success even when using it on color runs that had been washed and dried several times.

Tip #3: This happened to me with white t-shirts and dark blue shirts. I got rid of the fade by soaking the shirts in the hottest water that the shirts could stand and dissolved 1/4 cup of cascade dishwasher detergent (the powder) to each gallon of water needed to cover the items. Let it soak overnight and in the morning drain the water and run them thru the regular cycle of the washer. If this doesn't remove all the stains, you may have to soak them again. Some times I have had to soak them 3 or 4 times, but this does work...Marsha

Tip #4: I just had this happen to an entire load of laundry (including brand new Christmas clothes). A mysterious red dye was all over everything. I soaked the clothes in warm water with a couple of scoops of Oxiclean overnight and ran the load through the wash cycle again with laundry detergent. Everything came out good as new except one shirt which I will run through the same process again.

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