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How to Remove Formula Stains from Baby Clothes

Q: I loaned all of my infant clothes to someone and just received them back covered in infant formula stains. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to remove old infant formula stains???

Tip #1: I use Shout Spray and Wash. It works really well. Though I must admit, once formula stains set it's pretty hard to remove them.

Tip #2: Use a laundry pretreatment called Zout. It has removed old stains and stains you would never think would come out, sometimes it takes two treatments but it's great stuff.

Tip #3: I've had good luck with Oxy Clean getting out even the toughest stains. I spray the stain with Spray and Wash and then pour on a layer of Oxy Clean and just let it sit for a couple of hours or even overnight before washing. Works great.

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