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Furniture Cleaning Tips:

Removing Hairspray from Wood
Readers' tips for removing hairspray from wood furniture.

Removing Cat Urine from Furniture
Remove cat urine from furniture with these tips from our readers.

Removing White Water Rings from Wood
Easy tips for removing white water rings from the surface of wood furniture.

Fingernail Polish on a Microfiber Couch
Easily remove nail polish from microfiber with this tip from one of our readers.

Removing Musty Smell from Couch
Remove a musty smell from your couch with these easy tips from our readers.

How to Remove Black Permanent Marker from a Wood Surface
Reader tip for removing black permanent marker or Sharpie marks from a wood surface.

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine in Furniture
Tips for removing cat urine from furniture.

White Marks on Kitchen Table
How to remove white marks from your kitchen table.

Homemade Wood Furniture Polish Recipes
How to make your own wood furniture polish.

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