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How to Get Kerosene Smell out of Clothing

Q: We had to use kerosene the other night and of course it's now on the clothing we were wearing. I've washed them twice now, even using lemon juice in the wash cycle along with detergent. HELP!! The smell is still's awful.

Tip #1: My husband uses mouthwash (any brand works well) in order to remove diesel fuel smells off his hands & garments. You should be able to remove kerosene smell off clothing too. Wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Good luck...Pam

Tip #2: Put a cup or two of Mr. Clean in the wash water and let it set for a few hours, continue the cycle and wash again with baking soda added to the wash water. My dad is a farmer and that's what I used to get all kinds of stuff out of his clothes...Angela

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