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Killing Head Lice Efficiently
by Ole Schwarten

Everyone around the world is open to the attack by the nasty little bugs called head lice. Lice are primarily parasites by nature which feed on blood. In this way they rob the hair of its essential nutrients and cause damage to the hair. The most common after effect of a lice infestation is hair loss. Getting rid of the critters is the only way to keep your hair healthy and to prevent hair loss. You can kill head lice using natural substances like vinegar, tea oil, and eucalyptus oil or using artificial substances like anti-lice shampoos and other such medications.

Natural ways for killing head lice use substances like vinegar, tea oil, eucalyptus oil, petroleum jelly, garlic and lemon mixture and so on. For example, make a mixture using four ground cloves of garlic and a few teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply it thoroughly on the scalp and cover with a cotton towel. Later in the morning, wash your hair thoroughly using your every-day shampoo. Similarly, you can try applying petroleum jelly on the scalp overnight and rinse in the morning to find positive results. A mixture of vinegar and baby or eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil applied overnight on the scalp and rinsed in the morning will help you find positive results. Many such home treatments to kill head lice are available and they help you get rid of lice.

Medicinal or chemical solutions used for killing head lice are called pediculicides. A bottle of this solution may be needed to kill all lice and eggs in your hair. If the affected person has extra-long hair, you may have to use a second bottle. Be careful not to use other shampoos/conditioners along with this and do not rinse hair again for 2-3 days.

Physical methods to kill head lice include the use of lice combs, louse buster and special heaters. Lice combs are nothing but metal combs with pulses that are very close to each other. You have to use nit combs to remove the nits found at the hair shafts. You can also use machines like louse busters that blow hot air through a hose. Hot air kills lice by drying them out.

While killing head lice, you should take steps to get rid of both the lice and its eggs (the nits). If you don't do effective treatment, the infestation will become more serious very soon, making you and your hair unhealthy.

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