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DIY Laundry or Fabric Softener

There are a number of DIY methods of making your own laundry or fabric softener. I have tried several of these homemade solutions, and finally found one that gives me static-free laundry.

Most homemade laundry softeners contain vinegar. Vinegar is a great natural do-it-yourself remedy for static cling.

Some people recommend putting it in the washing machine in the fabric softener dispenser. I tried this and still had a lot of static electricity.

Another recipe I ran across calls for a mixture of vinegar, water, and hair conditioner. I loved the idea of this one. The Suave Rosemary Mint hair conditioner smells GREAT. I tried this in the washing machine and I still experienced a lot of static electricity.

I did find, however, that if you soak a small rag in the solution and put it in the dryer with the wet clothing that it works alot better and there was significantly less static electricity. I wasn't sure if the small cost savings was really worth it though. You also can't smell the hair conditioner any more when the clothing comes out of the dryer.

Then I saw this post that also uses vinegar in the dryer. All you need is an empty spray bottle and white vinegar. She also added a couple of teaspoons of eucalyptus oil (very inexpensive, you can find it in the pharmacy section at Walmart). She combined 2 cups vinegar with 3 tsp. eucalyptus oil. You spray approximately 15 sprays of this solution in your dryer with your wet clothing.

And it works great! Almost NO static electricity. I am very happy with the results. There is also no leftover vinegar smell when the clothes come out of the dryer. This is so easy and really is VERY inexpensive. And no harmful chemicals. I have been using this homemade laundry softener with my homemade laundry detergent for more than a month now and I won't be switching back. There is a huge cost savings, and no harmful chemicals on our clothing. No more detergent or fabric softener scents on our clothing, but that's okay because they smell CLEAN.

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