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Homemade Linen Spray

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This homemade linen spray or linen water is very easy to make and will leave your sheets and pillow cases smelling clean and fresh between washings.

All you need to make your own linen spray is:

4 c. distilled water
1/4 c. witch hazel
20-25 drops lavender oil
Empty spray bottle

First a couple of notes about the ingredients. The recipe calls for distilled water...distilled water is only necessary if you have hard water. If you have soft water you may be able to just use regular tap water.

linen spray

The witch hazel incorporates the lavender oil into the water.

Combine all the ingredients into a clean empty spray bottle. To apply, lightly spray fabric before ironing (shake well before using). You can also lightly mist sheets and pillow cases that have been stored a long time and have a musty smell.

Enjoy the fresh smell of lavender as you go to sleep tonight!

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