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The Magic Eraser - Is It Really Magic?
by Nicolas DAlleva

Weíve tried them all. Cleaning products claim to remove any stain, clean up any mess, but how well do they really work? All purpose cleaning sprays are quite effective on various surfaces, but you can always find that one stain that just wonít go away. Ignoring soft surfaces like carpets and couches, we can compare the Magic Eraser to most any all-surface cleaners. Itís not made for shining up a mirror or glass, but itís more than effective on all other surfaces. Stains and other blemishes can be tackled with your basic 409 or Lysol product; however, when you get that tough stubborn stain, the Magic Eraser never fails.

I have to admit, the name ďMagicĒ isnít much of a stretch. There are some stains that truly seem impossible to get out, but the Magic Eraser is capable of completely, well, erasing it! The eraser is water-activated, so itís a simple set up and clean up. Just get a piece of the product wet (not the whole bar) and wipe away the blemish. There are no paper towels or waste involved.

I am a messy guy, and my kids are no different. Using the Magic Eraser to clean up their tornado of destruction, I have successfully combated grease, the fallout from the great lipstick art exhibit of '08, marker or crayon marks, hair dye, dried snot (yes, dried snot), and countless other surface stains. And, as a parent I love that there are no harsh chemicals in the product. Many households have kids (including my own), and they tend to be the source of many messes. If you love your children and you donít want their play areas covered with chemicals, Mr. Clean "is the man". If you enjoy chemicals, aerosols, and the smell of bleach, this product isn't for you.

The only problem I've really found with the Magic Eraser is its longevity. The sponge will last for many uses, but after a few intense scrubbings it loses its strength. The soap is not as active, and the sponge begins to deteriorate. This can make it very dirty looking and more difficult to use because it is essentially shrinking. The product itself gets yellow, flat, and fairly disgusting pretty quick. This definitely is more heinous then an old sponge you have next to your sink. Because it is white, it does not hide the marks of prior uses. If youíre looking for big clean up jobs or a cleaning showpiece to keep next to your sink, youíll want to purchase more than one.

If I was a bathroom or kitchen mess, I would be scared of the Magic Eraser. It works with amazing accuracy, and it is a truly useful and versatile cleaning product. Just a warning to overzealous cleaners & scrubbers, be careful on the surface that you use it on. If you have cheap paint on something that youíre trying to clean, choose your cleaning product wisely. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is strong enough to remove some paints if you rub too hard. Itís "super powers" are non containable! I may surmise the only thing that can stop it is kryptonite! Interestingly enough, as I am writing this post the television is on in the background and there is a commercial for a new Magic Eraser product - the Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber with Dawn! I have yet to use this product but it sounds like it could be a topic for another post for sure.

This guest post has been provided by Nicolas DAlleva. Nicolas is the owner of Specialty Answering Service, a telephone answering service for businesses. When Nicolas is not running his business, he is at home doing laundry daily to keep up with his 4 kids and their love for all things dirty.

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