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Removing Melted Crayons

Q: My little girl forgot her crayons in the back seat of my car on a very hot day. When I removed her seat to clean it I found melted crayons. Does anyone know how I can get this off the seat?

Tip #1: When this happened to me I used Goo Begone. First I scraped as much as I could off with a butter knife and then I used the Goo Begone and a white towel. It took a long time and I did it probably 15 different times before I got all the color out but it did work.

Tip #2: I once had great success getting red candle wax out of white carpet using an iron. I used paper towels and an old bath towel and just kept laying layers over the wax and ironing over it. The iron heated the wax and the towels soaked it up. I would scrape as much excess off as you can first though.

Tip #3: I would use's a citrus cleaning solution available at Wal-Mart. Once took roofing tar out of my younger sister's long blonde hair. I have also used it on my cat when she got into the candle's safe for pets and hair, and smells really strong, but it's citrus (orange/lemon) so it's not an offensive chemical smell.

Tip #4: I've heard that this kind of difficult stain/wax damage can be removed or cleaned with WD-40. It is a degreaser, lubricant (sounds opposite, but it's not). It also works to get gum out of hair, to clean scuff marks (be sure and clean the floor afterwards or you'll slip into a fall!), and it's good for cleaning motor grease off hands.

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