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Removing Mineral Oil Stains from Bathtub

Q: I used a skin softening product while seated on the edge of the bathtub = I must have missed getting the product all rinsed away (I use the shower enclosure primarily and not the bathtub so I didn't catch this right away). The product is mineral oil based. I now have yellow sticky stains in my bathtub that are very resistant to my attempts to remove them. I have tried several commercial products with a green scrub pad and lots of elbow grease with little to no success. Any suggestions?

Tip #1: Try Goo Gone. You can get it as a spray at most major discount stores or grocery.

Tip #2: I moved into an apartment and tried all kinds of things on the bathtub. I finally used plain old baking soda and it worked. Worth a try. Good for all your cleaning.

Tip #3: Try Mr. Clean Magic works on everything, I mean everything.

Tip #4: Easy Off BAM! It is the bomb, just spray it on and let it soak. They have one now for greasy stains.

Tip #5: Try vinegar mixed with some water. The vinegar zaps an oil base 98% of the time.

Tip #6: I have never had anything that vinegar and baking soda combined in a paste won't clean from a bathtub. Magic Eraser can be used also. This should do the trick!

Tip #7: You may have some results by using your green scrub pad and a little Lindseed oil, then wipe with a soft cloth and mineral spirits. The lindseed oil can be found in a hardware or building supply store.

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