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Living with One Bathroom in a Busy Household

(NC)—Many families live in homes with one bathroom and it can be a struggle to keep the space organized and clean. So, how does a family of four survive with just one bathroom? Delta Faucet provides the following tips for keeping the busy family bathroom clean and functional, even when it's one of the most used rooms in the house.

  • A terry cloth shower curtain can hide the clutter of shampoo bottles and soap that tend to collect in the shower area, particularly if you are expecting guests. It's also easy to clean – just throw in it in the washing machine about once a month to keep the shower curtain fresh. Don't forget to add a shower liner to keep the curtain cleaner longer and help prevent the build-up of mildew. A shower liner should be replaced every three to six months and can be washed along with the shower curtain once a month in a gentle cycle.
  • Make showering easy for all members of the family, no matter what height they are. A multi-function handshower, such as the Raindance S 120 AIR 3-Jet handshower from Hansgrohe, offers both invigorating and relaxing spray options for tired parents and makes cleaning the shower and bathtub a breeze.
  • Give everyone their own space. To keep towels and bathrobes organized and off the floor, install hooks and assign one to each member of the family. Also, assign a vanity drawer or shelf to each member of the family so they have space for their personal items and can be responsible for keeping it orderly. Many under-sink organizers are designed to fit around plumbing and can help maximize space.
  • Replace your lavatory faucet with one that is functional in terms of finish and flow. A finish that's more forgiving with fingerprints, like Delta's Venetian bronze or aged pewter, leave no visible fingerprints and maintain a polished look in between cleanings. A low flow option, like Delta's striking Addison bathroom faucet, can save up to 30 per cent more water than a standard faucet while maintaining its superior functionality in this busy space.
  • Consider creating a bathroom schedule so every family member gets their turn. Base the schedule on who leaves the house first and who takes the longest to get ready. Reduce bathroom time by taking makeup and hair supplies out of the bathroom and into the bedrooms, where all that's needed is a mirror and a plug.

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