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10 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Itís that time of year again - time to get both indoors and outdoors ship-shape ready for the year ahead. Get organised now and youíll have the whole summer to enjoy without that messy cupboard or overgrown hedgerow on your mind. Hereís a look at how to best spring clean outdoors:

1. De-clutter

Start with the simple task of de-cluttering your back and front gardens. Itís amazing what the autumn/winter winds can blow into your shrubbery and what leafy mulch builds up on your patio floor. Now is also a good time to get out into the shed and garage, or any other outbuildings, and have a clear-out. Disused gardening equipment, broken outdoor furniture and cracked planters can all go!

2. Unclog your guttering

Itís not just the patio floor that collects piles of soggy leaves. Take a look at the guttering! Clearing out your gutters may be one of the more strenuous, and dull, outdoor spring cleaning tasks but itís vital that itís done to ensure the longevity of your gutter work and protect your roofing.

spring cleaning

3. Make your windows shine

No matter how hard you polish those windows from the outside, youíll never get them gleaming unless you head outdoors and make the windows shine from the exterior. Thereís no point doing this in the bad-weather months (unless you want rain marks to instantly reappear) but when the sun starts shining, itís a good time to hire a window cleaner.

4. Freshen up the paint work

Winter weather can really take its toll on the garden, and not just on the shrubbery. Take a look at your wooden fences, sheds, bird tables and furniture Ė could they do with a fresh lick of paint? For a fun twist ready for spring, consider choosing a colour for your garden fences as opposed to the traditional creosote finish.

5. Blast down the decking

When youíve de-cluttered, give any decking and patio flooring a blast over with a pressure washer. This is the only way to really bring your outdoor floor surfaces back to pristine condition and remove any slime that could become a hazard as you start spending more time in the garden.

6. Yank up those weeds

Get ready for spring by pulling up those weeds! Another dull and strenuous gardening spring cleaning task, but essential none the less.

7. Clean out the BBQ

Has your barbeque been sat outside beneath the elements for the past few months? Give it a through clean in anticipation of its next use. Ok, you may need to give it a quick once over before summer but if you get the big clean out of the way now it will save you a lot of hassle when you really just want to get on with grilling those kebabs!

8. Re-stain your furniture

As with repainting, if you have any wooden furniture thatís looking a bit worse for wear. Now is a nice time to re-stain in time for summer. Re-staining not only helps your furniture look new again, but it will provide an element of protection from the weather for the rest of the year.

9. Trim, prune, snip

The stormy weather of the last few months is sure to have taken its toll on your plant life in one way or another. Go around your garden and remove any damaged or diseased branches and try to bring your shrubs and bushes back to the best possible shape. If you need to trim or cut down a large tree you should always seek professional assistance.

10. Freshen up the play equipment

Do you have a family garden? Donít neglect the childrenís play equipment on your outdoor cleaning spree. Give your plastic slides and swings a thorough scrub with soapy water to eliminate any mildew and grime thatís built up over the winter months. Tidy and hoover out the Wendy house and check the sandpit doesnít need refilling.

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