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Removing Candle Wax Spills
by Paulina Roe

I never had a problem with candle drips at home – I have a glass dining room table, and any wax that drips on it just scrapes off easily after it dries and hardens. Sometimes I have had to scrape it with a razor blade, nearly parallel with the table so I won’t scratch the glass. The other place I have had to clean out wax was in the little “wreaths” that go around the candle on top of the holder. I just get it cold and then start flaking and scraping it off with my fingernails, which works quite well.

Last year, during our Christmas presentation at church, the kids carrying candles dripped wax all over the place. The pastor’s wife asked me to clean what I could off the floor, off the pews, off the kneeling stand, off the carpet. As for the floor, I scraped it the same way as I do for the table. She showed me how to get it off the other items, and it works very well.

We got an iron, and lots of stiff paper towels (the ones that are more papery and not the soft, cushiony absorbent ones). I heated the iron to a safe temperature for the area I worked in (higher for the cloths and lower for the carpet and pews). The trick is to place the towel on top of the wax, then place the iron on top of the paper. It wicks the wax right up into the paper. In several areas I had to do this over and over until no more wax wicked up.

Slick trick! Now I might even try lighting candles in other areas of the house – not so hard to clean anymore!

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