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Removing Lint from Bath Towels

Tip #1: If you want your clothes and linens to last longer and not to lint, then they need to be hung up to dry either outside or inside.

Tip #2: When you purchase towels wash them alone in very hot water with laundry detergent and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Dry them on high until they are completly dry. Never use bleach on your towels. Bleach breaks down the fibers and causes lint. I always add baking soda to my bath towels. It makes them soft and fluffy, removes any odors. When washing towels wash just towels nothing else.

Tip #3: Lint will get on clothes when you dry your clothes in the dryer, clothes rub together and it creates lint. You can get rid of the lint by "shaving" it off with a disposible razor, yes it will take a while but it is well worth it if you don't like lint on your towels or other items. Or you can go to your fabric store and get an electric one that looks like a mans electric razor, but this one will have a recepticle to collect the lint and it cost a lil bit more.

Tip #4: A possible cause of lint on the towels is overcrowding items in washer.

Tip #5: I have the same problem with the towels I purchased over six months ago. I only wash them together in my HE washer (front-loading) and dry them in the dryer. The towels are still "shedding" tremendously and they weren't cheap towels. I'd love to hear an answer for this, too. I am getting tired of drying off only to be covered in navy-colored lint!

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