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Removing Stain from Linen Tablecloth

Q: How do I remove a stain from a linen tablecloth?

Tip #1: Try washing it in white vinegar. You may want to test a small spot before doing the whole thing. The vinegar tends to neutralize stains and oxidation and is very gentle.

Tip #2: Oxyclean will more than likely take out the spots. I have bought numerous tablecloths cheap with stains especially butter and it has always cleaned them out. I take a bowl big enough to hold the cloth and I usually use more than the label calls for, I use about 3 big scoops of Oxyclean and sometimes you have to soak for a night or two. I find it best to change the water and add Oxyclean several times sometimes after the water sits a while. Also you want to use not boiling, but real hot water with the Oxyclean.

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