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How to Remove Stubborn Toilet Rings
by Rachel Paxton

A lot of my readers over the years have asked the question, "How do I remove stubborn toilet rings from my toilet?" Below you will find many tips that other readers submitted that worked for them. My favorite is tip #4, I use it all the time!

toilet ringTip #1: After I clean my toilet I drop two Alka Seltzer tablets into the water. The effect it leaves on the bowl is great but it depends on how bad the ring is.

Tip #2: I use a Magic Eraser that I keep in both my bathrooms only for that purpose. No scrubbing & it comes right off.

Tip #3: Try a product called "Lime Away" - magic in a bottle!

Tip #4: Rubbing the ring with Pumice stone, even hard water rings, will do the job. (Note: you can find pumice stones for cleaning use in the cleaning section at Walmart, they are usually with the sponges. They are very inexpensive.)

Tip #5: I had deposits so bad that draining the water and sanding and scraping didn't take it out. "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner took about 95% of it out. I'll do a second application one of these days and try for the remaining 5%.

Tip #6: When we moved into our home, our toilet had horrible rings that nothing seemed to get rid of. Then I found "Bar Keeper's Friend" & what a great cleaning friend it is! Also good on bathtub water rings (the ones that don't come off with other cleaners). You just sprinkle it on, let it sit for a minute & scrub with a toilet/scrub brush. It is a mild abrasive, so you need to be careful what surfaces you use it on...Aaron

Tip #7: For very stubborn toilet stains (rust, etc.) use meuratic acid. Pour a small amount into toilet or sink and let it sit for a few minutes, then swish with a toilet brush (be sure to use gloves to protect your hands and be sure bathroom is well ventilated-this is acid!)...Sheila

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