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How to Clean a Rubber Bath Mat

I am pretty good about keeping our bathrooms clean, but one of the things that I always neglect is the rubber bath mat in the bottom of the bathtub.

Honestly, if I would just pick up the bath mat and hang it up after my kids take a bath, it wouldn't start to grow mold and mildew, right!?

Right. Well, needless to say our bath mat needs to be cleaned again. In the past I have turned the bath mat upside down in the bathtub, let it soak in some bleach water, and then scrubbed it really good with a scrub brush.

cleaning rubber bath mat

This method does work effectively, but what would happen if you just put it in the washing machine?? Well I recently gave this a try, and it came out wonderfully clean!

Just throw your rubber bath mat in the washing machine with a couple of bath towels and your normal laundry detergent. After it is done being washed, just hang it up to air dry. No scrubbing, no mess, and a very clean bath mat.

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