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How to Get Black Scuff Marks off Linoleum

Q: I can't throw away the kids BOOTS, I try to make them take them off too. But they leave horrible black marks all the kitchen floor. I have tried everything any help would be a blessing!!!!!! I have tried vinegar, pledge, shout, floor cleaners, baking soda mixture, alcohol, peroxide, nail polish remover, scrubbies, ajax, etc.

Tip #1: Believe it or not the heel of your tennis shoe will get off the scuff marks. So will a pencil eraser or lighter fluid...Rachel

Tip #2: Haven't tried the tennis shoe idea....I use a little bit of soft scrub in the blackened area...Denise

Tip #3: Saw a sales associate at the new Target in my neighborhood use a tennis ball skewered onto the end of a broom handle. She just rubbed the scuff marks with the tennis ball end and the marks disappeared...weird huh?

Tip #4: The only thing I have found that works on scuff marks, and it works immediately, is those magic erasers from Mr. Clean. You can pick them up at Wal-Mart, and they aren't too expensive.

Tip #5: Toothpaste will also work. Not the gel kind, the paste kind.

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