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Removing Smoke Smell from House

Q: My 13-yr-old son started a fire in our fireplace with out opening the damper, needless to say the entire house filled entirely with smoke before I got home. The good news is we didn't get a black soot on everything, the bad news is that the entire 4 bedroom home smells terrible. It's like I'm living at a camp ground. So before I call a company like Service Master (recommended by my ins guy) I was hoping that someone would have a "real" and "practical" solution to removing the odor...Troy

Tip #1: I heard once of putting cut apples around will take out smoke smell in clothes from house fires maybe the same will work for you. Just cut a few apples and leave them around the house.

Tip #2: Wait until you go away for a few days and leave a few cups of bleach around. Your house will smell of the bleach for awhile but it will kill the smoke smell.

Tip #3: Try putting bowls of vinegar around to help absorb the odor. It works for odors left after having someone smoke in the house.

Tip #4: I was thinking that even better than bowls of vinegar would be putting it in a spray bottle and misting the entire area. It will get into the furniture, flooring, and air to help remove the smells.

Tip #5: I used towels or rags soaked in vinegar then wring them out & walk through the house in each room swinging it over your head. I used this when my husband caught my oven on fire, I had to do it a few times but it worked.

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