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Basic Stain Removal Guide

Red Wine Stains

Immediately sprinkle stain liberally with salt. Rub stain out in cold water before washing. As an alternative, you can soak fabric in club soda before washing.

Alcoholic Beverages

Presoak stains in a mixture of cold water and vinegar. Wash as usual.

Removing Ring Around the Collar

Rub collar ring with chalk (absorbs oil). Repeat if necessary. Wash as usual.

Mildew Stains

Rub mildew spot with a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Place fabric out in the sun to dry. Wash separately from other clothing.

Cosmetic Stains

Rub bar soap into the stain and rinse. Wash as usual.

Blood Stains

Apply meat tenderizer to blood stained area. Add warm water and rub in to make a paste. Pre-soak before washing.

Grass Stains

Presoak stain in hydrogen peroxide and wash as usual. White vinegar can also be used instead of hydrogen peroxide.

Ink Stains

Spray hairspray on stain, then rub with clean, dry cloth. Works well on polyester fabric.

Glue Stains

Glue stains can be loosened with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Wash as usual.

Urine Stains

Blot fabric with a mixture of white vinegar and water before washing.

Removing Grease Stain from Suede

Dip a cloth in vinegar and sponge leather, then dry. Use a suede brush to restore the nap.

Grease Stains

Shampoo will remove many types of grease and oil stains.

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