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Stain Removal Tips:

Removing Stains from Baby Bibs
Remove stubborn food stains from baby bibs with these tips from our readers.

How to Remove Formula Stains from Baby Clothes
Formula stains are among the hardest stains to remove from clothing. Try these tricks to get those tough stains out.

Removing Cocktail Sauce Stains from Clothes
Spilled cocktail sauce on your favorite piece of clothing? Get the stains out with these helpful tips from our readers.

Removing Yellow Stains from White Shirts
Do you have yellow stains on your white shirts that were caused by bleach? Here are some readers' tips on how to get those stains out.

Removing Wine Stain from Beige Pants
Readers' tips for removing a wine stain from pants.

Removing Blood Stains from Clothing
Easy tips for removing blood stains from clothing.

Removing Coffee Stain from Carpet
Remove a coffee stain from your carpet with this easy tip from one of our readers.

Removing Hair Dye Stain from Formica Countertop
Remove hair dye stains from formica countertops with these easy tips from our readers.

Removing Ball Point Ink Stains
Easily remove ink stains resulting from ball point pens with these easy tips.

Remove Grease Stains from Clothes
Easy tips for removing grease stains from clothes.

Basic Stain Removal Guide
Basic, old-fashioned tips for removing many types of laundry stains.

Removing Cooking Oil Stains from Clothes
Cleaning tips for removing cooking oil stains from clothes.

Removing Stains From Babiesí Clothing
Tip for using baking soda and club soda to get tough stains out of baby clothes.

Blood Stain Removal
Tips for removing blood stains from carpet.

Removing Sticker Glue from Clothing
Tips for removing sticker glue from clothing.

Permanent Marker Stains on Shirt
Tip for removing permanent marker stain from clothing.

Mashed Banana Stain
Tip for removing mashed banana stain from baby clothing.

Removing Yellow Armpit Stains from Shirts
Tip for removing yellow armpit stains from shirts.

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