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How to Clean a Stippled Ceiling

Q: I have white ceilings in my house. They are those textured kinds with tiny rough bumps. They aren't dirty in the fact that they don't look white anymore but dust and cobwebs (especially above the fan) are sticking to the bumps. I've tried using my swiffer duster but it sticks to bumps. Any easy ideas to clean them? I don't own a vaccum as we have only hardwood floors throughout.

Tip #1: You might try dusting softly with a new paintbrush (a wide one, with really soft bristles), or ask a friend or neighbor if you can borrow their vacuum for this task!

Tip #2: We lived in a house that had that also. We used fans a lot and boy talk about dust webs and dirt. What I did was took a good stiff broom and swept the whole ceiling. You have to move the furniture or cover it because yes it makes a mess by getting those white pieces all over the place. I then either took the tarp out and shook it off or when I had no carpeting I just vacummed all the pieces up. The ceiling turned out looking brand new. I only did this once or twice a year. Unfortunately the bumpy ceiling was still there (I hated that ceiling and hoped to remove all the bumps lol) but it was very white.

Tip #3: You may want to try the extension dusters that are used to clean ceiling fans.

Tip #4: Whatever you do, don't use water to wash the ceiling. You won't have a ceiling left. I also have this same problem. All you can do is dust it with a vaccuum, etc. I was referred to KILZ paint to paint it, as it will cover grease, smoke, etc. Another suggestion, invest not only in a vaccuum, but also a good air cleaner. Clean your heat ducts, heater, air conditioner, and window and door screens often, and there will be less dust to fly up above.

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