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Permanent Sharpie Marker on Vinyl Floor Mat

Q: My son decided to scribble with a thin pointed sharpie marker on a vinyl floor mat normally used for gymnastic tumbling. How do we get this off without ruining the vinyl surface?

sharpieTip #1: There is a product called "Goof Off" you can get at Target or probably most any home improvement store. It works miracles!

Tip #2: Use one of those MAGIC ERASERS. (I think they're made by Mr Clean.) I've removed sharpie doodles on painted walls & wood floors.... try it. (I LOVE these things!!!)

Tip #3: Try using "Greased Lightning". It is one of the most versatile cleaning products I have ever found, you can use it to clean almost everything and can be used also as a laundry pretreater. I have used it to get pen and marker ink out of fabrics, so I think it would be worth trying on the sharpie marker stain. You should be able to find it at Wal-Mart.

Tip #4: My sister and I both use the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, too. They work great! She used it to get Sharpie off her doors and walls, and it had been there for a very long time. I've used it to get food stains off of my counter top in the kitchen. I think they sell them in the cleaning aisle. I got mine through the was a free sample. Hope this helps!

Tip #5: Goo Be Gone or any other orange oil based cleaning product will take off marker and not harm the finish.

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