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How to Get Your White Towels Whiter

Q: I have white bath towels. The towels are getting dingier and grayer. I used powered bleach, but it is not helping. Any suggestions of how to get the towels white again.

Tip: I had this problem too. What I did was wash JUST about 5 towels as Super Load or Large Load (whatever the max load is on your machine). You have to keep this up for the next 3 or 4 washings of the towels adding a tiny bit of bleach (like one oz.) per load. Be sure to not add too much bleach - this causes yellowing. Also I don't know if you've ever heard of a laundry product called "blue". Add blue during the rinse cycle of your whites (any white) - careful not to add softener if you add blue. Mixing the two will create chunks of blue areas on fabrics (which will have to be removed with another washing cycle) just use softener sheets during drying. Most times white fabric turns yellowish when the washer is too loaded during their washing. They need space to move around. The right amount of bleach also has a role to play in the outcome of white.

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