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Visitor Reviews of King\'s Food Host Cheese Frenchee
Review By: Debbie Holdridge
 Oh gosh, I remember going to this place after school. I LOVED their Cheese Frenchee's AND their hamburgers... it was always a toss-up for me. This recipe tastes just like them and is super easy!!!!!!! GREAT bit of nostalgia! THANK YOU!!!
Review By: Lori
 This recipe is not the real recipe. Cheese Frenchees were breaded with saltine crumbs and a small amount of powdered cheese (the orange stuff used to make Kraft Mac and Cheese).
Review By: Linda
 This recipe is probably pretty close but still not the real thing. I worked for Kings for several years as a teenager in both the restaurant and the commissary. The egg/milk batter included a cheese powder similiar to your mac&cheese boxes. No mayo was used and the crumb mixture was soda crackers.
The tuna frenchees were made the same way.
To us-the best way to eat them was to take a bite out of the tip, then squirt ketchup inside and eat the rest of it. An order of cheese frenchees meant three triangles on a plate.
Their onion rings used the same crumb mixture and was a two day process to complete.

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