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How to Grow Burning Bushes

Known for its bright red leaves in the fall, the burning bush is a very attractive deciduous shrub that is very easy to grow and maintain. Its easy care makes it one of the most popular landscape shrubs in the United States. They are an excellent choice for borders and hedges.

Burning bushes (Euonymus alata) grow from 4-6 ft tall, and 4-6 ft wide. Some varieties will grow much larger if not pruned. Burning bushes will grow in most soils and soil conditions in zones 4 through 8. They prefer well drained soil, but are very drought tolerant.

When selecting a location for your burning bush, keep in mind that they prefer full sun to part shade. The more sun the bush gets, the brighter its fall red foliage will be.

After burning bush plants are established they grow relatively fast. Although they do not require pruning, you can prune them any time to keep them from overtaking other plants. They should be also be pruned to keep them from growing too close to your home or other building. Depending on where you live and how fast your bushes grow, you may even choose to prune them more than once a year.

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