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How to Dry Fresh Herbs

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I'm really excited because I finally figured out what to do with all my fresh herbs before the frost hits. I've made some into pesto and frozen a few parsley logs, but I wanted to find a quick way to use up all the rest of my fresh herbs before they went to waste.

I already knew that you can dry fresh herbs, but I have never really tried it. I got a new food dehydrator this year, and have given it quite a workout in recent months.

drying fresh herbsDrying herbs is actually very easy. I just picked the fresh herbs and put them right in the food dehydrator. Herbs dry very quickly. Some will dry as quickly as in an hour.

After the herbs are dry you can crush them with a mortar and pestle or in a food processor and then store them in ziploc bags or other sealed storage container.

I actually just learned a neat trick that I couldn't wait to pass on to you. The EASIEST way to grind dry herbs is by placing them in an inexpensive coffee grinder! You don't want to use one that has been used a lot for coffee. I found one at my local Goodwill for $4 that didn't smell like coffee at all. It is grinding all my dry herbs like a champ...I love it!

So don't let all your fresh herbs go to waste. I grew parsley, basil, and tarragon in my garden this year that I have been busy drying before the first frost hits.

If you are looking for containers to store your dried herbs in, often grocery stores that have a bulk food section (like WinCo) sell empty spice containers that you can buy. That is what I bought to store my dried herbs in.

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