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DIY Fairy Gardens: Create a Miniature Garden

Have you ever seen a fairy garden? It is a miniature garden, a small magical world you can create in a flower pot or garden bed. This project is fun for the whole family.

A fairy garden is a combination of a mini garden and an outdoor doll house. They are great fun for children.

You can create your mini garden in any kind of container. Possible planters for your garden include a wheelbarrow, an old trunk, the corner of a flower bed, underneath a tree, in an old tree stump, or in a flower pot. We created two miniature gardens, one in a small flower pot, and one in wine barrel planter.

Fairy Garden

My son wanted to make a garden too, so he made his in the small flower pot. I already had a wine barrel planter by my front porch so I decided to put my fairy garden there.

You can find all kinds of neat miniature plants and moss to place in your little garden. I had already planted flowers in mine, so we just placed our little figures and accessories around the plants in our planters. If your plants start to get too big, just trim them back.

Fairy Garden

You can spend a lot or you can spend little to nothing on this project. You can buy all the accessories you need to decorate your garden, or you can make them yourself. We bought our accessories very inexpensively at a local craft store in the doll house section. They had quite a good selection of tiny garden items that were perfect for our project. also has a lot of fairy garden accessories.

If you would like to make your own accessories, I found some great DIY projects. Here is a tutorial for making twig chairs, one for making fairy furniture from small stones, and a tiny wishing well.

Some other fun items we found in the dollhouse section of the craft store were: a small bench, a wishing well, tiny rabbits and frogs, and tiny garden vegetables. We also found some great ceramic toad stools in the garden decor section.

Fairy Garden

Small stones can be used to make pathways in your garden. In the floral section of the craft store you can find a variety of colored glass stones. We found some aqua colored ones that we used to make a "stream" through the garden.

The only thing we couldn't find was little fairies! Oh well, the gardens are all ready for our fairies when we find them. We had a lot of fun putting these together. My son had a lot of fun playing with his little animals and miniature vegetables. We even created a miniature vegetable garden.

Fairy Garden

Be on the look out for tiny items for your garden. You can start a little collection of accessories and have a different miniature garden every year.

This is also a good group activity, it would be great for a child's birthday party. Give each child a flower pot and tiny plants and creatures to put in their pots.

Get inspiration for your miniature garden project by looking at the fairy garden photos I have collected on Pinterest. Get those creative juices flowing!

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