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Top 9 Fairy Garden Houses on Amazon

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I just love fairy gardens and miniature gardens. When someone doesn't know what to get for me for my birthday or Mother's Day, one of the suggestions I always have is to buy me something for my fairy garden.

One of the great things about fairy gardens is that you can change them with the seasons. I love changing out the miniature fairies, animals, houses, and other accessories with the seasons. It's a fun hobby that I know a lot of people share.

I hope you can find some fun inspiration for your fairy garden here. There are a lot of cute fairy houses to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite!

Miniature Enchanted Cottage Gnome Hobbit Fairy (Stone House)

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Red Mushroom Fairy House

The Adorable Believe Fairy Garden House - 8" tall - Hand Painted (with Doors that Open)

Fairy Garden House - Mini Ivy Cottage 7" Tall

Fairy Garden House Kit Miniature Fairies & Accessories Fairy House 7" High

Patio Eden - Fairy Garden House Set - Hand Painted Miniature Figurine Kit

Mini Fairy Garden LED Lighted Fairy Cottage w/ Movable Doors Decorative Miniature Fairyland Garden Display

Miniature Fairy Garden Ivy House

Miniature Fairy Garden Laurelwood

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top 9 fairy houses on Amazon

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