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Batman Birthday Party
by Janice Wee

For a memorable birthday party the guests and birthday child enjoy, plan a party that draws everyone into Batman's world.

Make it believable. Turn the hall or main area into gotham city. Put a table in the center of the room and a large box guarded by 2 grown ups dressed in uniform. Arm them with water pistols. Give each guest a disposable raincoat if possible. Or at least get them prepared to get wet during this birthday party. Advise them to bring spare clothes.

Now get a grown up, preferably the birthday child's father, to dress as Batman in a Batman costume. Get another grown up, or a few grown ups to dress as the Batman villians. Set up the bat signal in the center of the room.

Turn one of the rooms into the Batcave, make it look like the batcave in the Batman movies. Close the door of that room, do not allow guests access to that room until the time is right.

Let the guests mingle with one another and help themselves to some finger food while waiting for the party to start. When the party begins, let the villians gate crash the party. They shoot the guards with their water guns and wet anyone else in the way, causing chaos.

Get the birthday child to turn on the batsignal.

Once the batsignal is turned on, Batman comes out of the batcave and the villians split up and hide all over the place. The guests can now freely roam around the entire place including the batcave to help Batman find the villians. Once found, a villian would shoot at the guest and run off to avoid batman. Batman catches them one by one and ties their arms together, leaving them in the care of some guests. They do not escape.. or maybe they do.. depending on how exciting, or chaotic you want it to be.

At the end of the program, Batman captures all the villians with the help of the guests. After drying up and changing clothes, the guests gather for the main feast at the party.

Reprinted with permission.

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