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Candy Easter Basket for Easter

A friend of mine posted a photo of these on Facebook and I had to give them a try. I mean who wouldn't like them, candy baskets made completely out of candy? This is a great Easter gift idea for older kids.

To make these easy Easter baskets you will need:

  • 4 movie size boxes candy
  • Nerd Rope or similar
  • Easter grass
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun

These Easter baskets are really easy to make. I made four of them in less than 30 minutes.

Easter candy basket

For the basket you will need four movie size boxes of candy. Just make sure the boxes are all the same size. At Walmart you can buy these boxes of candy for about $1 each.

Place the four boxes in the shape of a square and glue all of the sides together with a hot glue gun. This is the main part of the basket.

Place the glued together candy boxes on top of a piece of cardboard and trace around the bottom of the boxes. Cut out the cardboard and glue it to the bottoms of the boxes. This is the base of the basket.

For the handle, use a Nerd Rope, licorice rope, or something similar. I used a rope made out of chewing gum. Glue the rope in place to be the handle of the basket.

That's all there is to it. You can decorate the basket with ribbon if you wish. Place some Easter grass in the bottom of the basket and add any other toys, etc., to the basket.

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