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Candy Corn Pumpkin

I saw a photo of a pumpkin painted to look like a big candy corn on Pinterest a couple of years ago and really wanted to give this cute project a try. I even bought the paint last year but never got around to doing it. I decided to do it this year and was really excited with how it turned out.

This project only takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on how long it takes for the paint to dry. You will need:

  • Tall pumpkin
  • Yellow spray paint
  • White spray paint
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper

Choose a day that is not windy or raining so you can paint outside. Set out some newspaper and place your clean pumpkin on the newspaper. I had quite a bit of dirt to wipe off of mine.

candy corn pumpkin

Use the masking tape to mark where you want the lines for your candy corn. Place one piece of tape marking the top third of the pumpkin, and another piece marking the bottom third. Wrap the tape around the entire pumpkin. I didn't measure anything. I just placed the tape where it looked good. It doesn't have to be straight.

The important thing about putting on the masking tape is to keep in mind that you need to press down the tape as close to the pumpkin as you can get so that paint doesn't drip down under the tape. Press it down really well.

Shake up the spray paint really well and paint the top third of the pumpkin white. Paint the bottom third of the pumpkin yellow. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat if necessary.

Let the paint dry and then remove the masking tape. You should be able to wipe any excess paint off with a damp towel, it just takes a little bit of rubbing.

That's it! Enjoy your candy corn pumpkin this Halloween.

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