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Christmas Candy Trains

I was looking for an easy gift to give to my nieces and nephews for Christmas and decided to make these fun candy trains. You probably have seen many variations of these trains, there are different ways you can make them.

To make mine I used:

  • Roll of Lifesavers
  • Chocolate bell
  • Hershey's Kiss
  • Pack of gum
  • 4 wrapped peppermints
  • Hot glue gun

I had a heck of a time trying to find some of these items. You would think it would be easy to find rolls of Lifesavers. It should be easy to find a storybook of Lifesavers at Christmas time. Well all of the storybooks I found had gummy Lifesavers in them, and I looked at like three different stores. I finally found some, but none in the storybooks. I thought that was pretty strange.

candy train

I also had a hard time trying to find small packs of gum. I finally found a bunch of those at the Dollar Store.

After finding all of the items you need, it is very easy to put these trains together.

For the base of the train, hot glue a roll of Lifesavers onto a pack of gum. Glue the Hershey's Kiss and chocolate bell on top of the Lifesavers. Glue on four wrapped peppermints for the wheels, two on each side of the train.

For how little work these are, they are very cute! And sure to please any little one on your Christmas list.

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