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How to Make Cinnamon Stick Candles

These cinnamon stick candles are really fun to make and a beautiful addition to your fall table. All you need are some inexpensive candles, cinnamon sticks, and some twine. Oh, and the cost of this project? Less than $2 per candle!

Supplies needed:

  • Small inexpensive pillar candle
  • Cinnamon sticks (approx. 20 per candle)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine

While these candles are very easy to make, they are not quite as easy as they look! I had visions of hot gluing all my cinnamon sticks to my candle and being done, but it wasn't quite that easy (unfortunately, hot glue doesn't stick to candle wax!)

While watching me struggle to line the cinnamon sticks up around my candle, my husband had the great idea to use a rubberband to hold them in place (he always has the good ideas!). So I placed a rubberband around the candle and then lined the cinnamon sticks up around the candle. The cinnamon sticks don't have to be exactly the same size or height, but if there is a big difference in the thicknesses of the sticks, you might have trouble with the smaller ones slipping out.

cinnamon stick candles

Next I took a long piece of twine and wrapped it around the cinnamon sticks to hold the cinnamon sticks in place. You need to pull the twine very tight to keep the sticks in place. It works best to have another person hold the twine in place while you tie the knot. If it isn't tight, you will have trouble with the cinnamon sticks falling out.

To be extra safe, I placed two pieces of twine around my candle, one at the top and one at the bottom and that worked pretty well. Next wiggle each cinnamon stick and use hot glue to glue together cinnamon sticks that are sliding around too much. The hot glue won't stick to the candle, but you can use the glue to glue the sticks together.

I didn't try this, but my husband also suggested cutting a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of the candle, only slightly larger to also hold the cinnamon sticks. This would also keep the sticks from sliding out the bottom.

That's it! I can't wait to put one of these on my holiday table and to give a couple away as holiday gifts. Keep in mind that you will need about 20 cinnamon sticks for one candle. You don't want to buy the small bottles of cinnamon sticks for this project, it would be too expensive. Look at a store that sells bulk spices and it is much cheaper, less than half the price.

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