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Halloween Craft for Toddlers: Creepy Spider

Looking for an easy Halloween craft to do with your toddler? This creepy spider craft only takes a few minutes to prepare, and you probably already have the items to make it on hand. This craft is suitable for toddlers ages 1 to 3.

Children love spiders. Not real ones, maybe, but they definitely like to make crafts that look like creepy spiders! This Halloween spider may be creepy, but it is also really cute.

You will need:

  • Construction paper (black)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes

You will need to do some cutting to get this spider project ready for your toddler. First cut out a big round circle from the black construction paper for the body of the spider. I traced around a Tupperware lid.

From another piece of black construction paper, cut eight narrow strips for the spider's legs. Next fold each leg accordian style so they will resemble spider legs.

Set the spider pieces in front of your toddler. You should have a spider body, eight legs, and two googly eyes.

Creepy Halloween Spider

I helped my two-year-old son apply glue to the end of each leg and then he stuck them to the back of the spider body. He then glued the googly eyes in place.

This craft only takes a few minutes to make. Your toddler will be very excited when he sees what he has created. My son is very proud of the creepy spider he "made".

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