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Easy Diaper Cake Pattern - the Gift that Keeps on Giving!
by Kelly Jezek

Yes, it is nice to have lovely centerpieces, balloons, and flowers for the mother to be to enjoy at her shower, but why not make a centerpiece that is not only beautiful, but will be enjoyed and needed by the new mom for days to come? There are many websites where you can order a diaper cake, but you can save some money and find an easy to use diaper cake pattern online.

To be honest, many sites offer different diaper cake instructions, but a lot of them seem confusing and difficult. If you search long enough, you can find some diaper cake directions that are simple and easy enough for craft challenged people like myself.

The best diaper cake recipe call for about 50 diapers. I recommend that you buy a couple of different diaper sizes because the baby grows so quickly and is out of the newborn size before you know it. Some easy diaper cake instructions recommend that you take a diaper and roll it up, starting at the open top end and then holding it together with a rubber band. Then add about six or seven more diapers to that rubber band and you have the top layer of your cake.

For the second layer, get a bigger rubber band and repeat the process for the top layer, but use about 15 or so diapers. For the bottom layer, the process is the same, but you need an even bigger rubber band and about 30 diapers. Find some cute baby ribbon and wrap that around each layer in order to hide the rubber bands. Use some thin, wooden tubes in the middle to hold things all together.

Other ingredients that you can add to this diaper cake recipe would include bibs, bottles, pacifiers, combs, brushes, socks, and washcloths. Hide these things throughout the diaper cake so that the mom to be will continue to be surprised by your thoughtful, creative gift. This is one gift that keeps on giving because a diaper cake recipe makes great leftovers!!

Reprinted with permission.

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