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How to Grow Grass for Easter Baskets

This is a fun project for kids to make for spring or Easter. All you need is a small grass of bag seed, and you can grow your own Easter grass for your Easter basket.

For this project you will need:

  • Plant saucer
  • Grass seed
  • Potting soil
  • Easter basket

The size of the plant saucer you use depends on the size of your Easter basket. You just want it to fit down snugly inside the basket. You can get the plant saucers at any home improvement store or even at the Dollar Store.

how to grow grass for Easter baskets

Fill the plant saucer with potting soil. Next sprinkle the grass seed on top. You want to find some grass seed that sprouts quickly so you can see the results quickly. I used a bag of grass seed that is designed to fill in bare spots in your lawn. It is less than $10 for a small bag. The grass literally comes up in a couple days and in about a week and a half you will have Easter-basket-worthy Easter grass.

Gently mix the grass seed into the top of the soil, making sure that the seed is distributed evenly in the soil.

Keep the soil damp for the next couple of days and within a day or two you will see the seeds start to sprout. When you are happy with the amount of grass that has grown in, use a pair of scissors to trim it, if necessary, and then place in the Easter basket.

Your kids will get a big kick out of this. Not only could you put Easter eggs in the baskets, they would make a great spring decoration for your front porch.

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