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Elf on the Shelf

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If you have been looking at Pinterest recently, you have probably run across the "Elf on the Shelf". This is a mischievous little elf that visits your home during the holiday season. Your kids will love getting up every morning to see what mischief your elf has been into.

Some people tell their kids that the elf is checking in on them for Santa, to see if they have been good. I didn't want to take this activity to that extreme so we have just been having fun seeing what adventure our elf comes up with next.

My 7-yr-old's know that their elf, "Buddy", isn't real. I don't think my 3-yr-old really thinks he is real either, but he sure is having a lot of fun with him. Every night I pose Buddy in a new place in the house and every morning my boys are excited to wake up and see where he is and what he has been doing while there were sleeping.

You can buy different kinds of elves at A lot of people like the little elves like this one.. This elf comes with a book. I decided to get a larger, less expensive one. This elf is plush and more cuddly for kids to play with. We really like this one.

elf on the shelf

Here is a list of adventures I have compiled for your elf friend. There is an adventure for every day of December. You can see more photos of our elf's adventures on my Elf on the Shelf board on Pinterest.

1. Rolling down the stairs in toilet paper

2. Reading a story to stuffed animals

3. Drinking syrup out of the bottle

4. Making snow angels in cake flour

5. Caught in the candy bag

6. Held hostage by Lego men

7. Doing a jigsaw puzzle

8. Christmas movie and popcorn

9. Nerf gun fight

10. Creating a paper chain

11. Hanging from chandelier

12. Drawing or coloring a picture

13. Playing the Wii

14. Turning toilet water blue

15. Making cookies

16. Cutting out pictures from toy catalog

17. Marshmallow fight with stuffed animals

18. Hiding in the Christmas tree

19. Driving the car

20. Playing with Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys

21. Playing with Legos

22. Playing cards or board game with stuffed animals

23. Playing with Etch-a-Sketch

24. Playing on the swing set

25. Reading himself a good book

26. Cutting out paper snowflakes

27. Hiding in kids backpack

28. Hiding in Christmas stocking

29. Drinking hot cocoa or hot cider

30. Hiding in the bathtub or shower

31. Listening to an iPod

This is a great holiday tradition to start with your family. Let your older kids get in on the fun and help plan your elf's adventures!

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