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Epsom Salt Snow-Covered Candle Holders

This holiday season I have seen a lot of articles about how to use Epsom salt to look like snow. I saw these epsom salt luminaries on Pinterest and knew I had to try to make these for our daughter's wedding reception. They are also beautiful holiday decorations.

You can purchase Epsom salt in the pharmacy section of any drug store or Walmart. Not only did I use it to make my snow covered candle holders, I used it to fill some clear glass Christmas trees I had found at Good Will. They looked really pretty on our wedding reception tables.

To make these snow covered candle holders you will need:

  • Large round glass candle holder
  • Epsom salt
  • Large paint brush
  • Clear spray sealer
  • Modge Podge

I found the glass candle holders for this project for approximately $1.00 each at a local thrift store. You can also find them at many craft stores like Michael's. You want the wide candle holders that you would use to place pillar candles in.

epsom salt snow

Pour about 2 cups of Epsom salt on a paper plate. To place the "snow" on the outside of the candle holder, first use a wide paint brush or foam brush to coat the candle holder with a layer of Modge Podge. Make sure surface is covered evenly.

Next gently roll the candle holder in the Epsom salt until candle holder is well coated. If you missed any spots with the Modge Podge it is best to rinse everything off and start over. It doesn't work well to try to add extra Modge Podge. Let Modge Podge dry then gently brush off any additional Epsom salt.

epsom salt snow

Use a clear spray sealer to hold the Epsom salt in place. Note that after a week or so the Epsom salt will lose its sparkle. It's best to do this a day or two before you are going to use them. They will still look good later, but they really sparkle when you first make them. The great thing about these is that all of this stuff washes off the candle holder. Just soak it in warm water and all of the coatings will come right off so you can use the candle holder again later.

You can use these containers as more than just candle holders. I used them to display forks and spoons at the wedding reception.

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