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Decorating Glitter Eggs for Easter

If you are looking for a new way to decorate eggs for Easter, these glitter eggs are fun to try. You don't even need any fancy decorating kits. All you need is some glitter and some Elmer's glue.

I saw these cute polka dot eggs on the Better Homes and Gardens web site. Mine didn't turn out like theirs...they must have had a different type of glitter than I used.

If you want to, you can color the eggs with egg dye before you add the glitter, but I decided to apply the glitter to white eggs.

Glitter Eggs

After you have boiled and cooled your eggs, make sure they are nice and dry, drying them with a dish towel if necessary.

Fill the bottom of a bowl with Elmer's glue. I used clear glue, but I think white glue would work fine too, as long as it dried clear.

Lay a piece of waxed paper or a paper towel in front of you and spread out some glitter to roll your eggs in.

Roll the egg around in the glue first, and then in the glitter. Set in an egg carton to dry.

Glitter Eggs

If you want polka dot eggs, then to your dry, room temperature egg apply 1/2 inch glue dots first (used for card making and scrapbooking), then roll the egg around in the glitter, using your fingers to press the glitter on to the glue dots. To apply the glue dots, press the egg gently against the paper that has the glue dot on it and gently roll it around until the glue dot sticks to it. If the egg is damp or too cold the glue dot won't stick.

That's it! These were really fun to make. If you want to get really creative you could make designs out of glue tape and make stripes, etc.

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