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Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

I saw the idea for this glow in the dark Easter egg hunt a couple of months ago and couldn't wait to try it. My boys are getting to the age where they are starting to think Easter egg hunts are boring, and I knew they would love this.

All you need to do this are inexpensive glow sticks that you can get at Michael's twelve for a dollar and some plastic Easter eggs. If you are going to do a lot of these, you will definitely need some help, because it takes a little while to get all the glow sticks in the eggs. It took me about 45 minutes to do 18 eggs.

glow in the dark easter eggs

When you are putting the glow sticks into the eggs, bend them slowly or they might break. If you fold them up as small as possible they will just fit in the egg and leave room for a little candy.

I noticed the eggs were going to pop open easily, so I just placed a little piece of scotch tape on each one to hold them shut, and that worked great.

You will need to prepare these right before you are going to use them. The glow sticks will last for a couple of hours. Make sure to also give yourself time to hide the eggs before the Easter egg hunt.

This was really fun, and my boys loved looking for Easter eggs in the dark. We will definitely be doing this again next year.

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