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Fun Holiday Math Activities for Kids

Math doesn't have to be boring. Kids love to learn math when fun and games are involved. Here are some fun holiday math activities that any child would enjoy.

Tallies and Graphs

For older children, you can make tallying and graphing fun by having them make up their own survey to give to family and friends. Have them ask people a question such as "What is your holiday movie?", or "What is your favorite holiday cookie?"

holiday math activities

Have your child tally up the responses they receive and create a graph of how many people liked each holiday movie or each holiday cookie. Your child could then answer questions such as how many more people liked one movie over another movie, etc.

Math Puzzles

This activity is fun for preschool aged children who are learning how to count and how to put puzzles together.

Find or print out a holiday picture or photograph. It could even be a coloring page that you have your child color first. Next use a pencil and ruler to divide the page into 9 or 10 equal sections, and draw a line across the page to mark each section. Number the sections 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., and write the corresponding number on each section.

Have your child help cut apart the page on the lines you have drawn and then have your child put the "puzzle" back together by placing the numbers in numerical order.

Color by Number

Color by number is also a fun activity for kids of all ages. The older the child, the higher the numbers you can use.

You can easily create your own color by number by selecting a page in a coloring book and creating your own number color key. Determine which numbers are going to correspond to which colors, and then write the numbers you selected into blank spaces in the picture.

Write the color key on the page somewhere and then let your child follow the key to color the picture. For young children, make it simple by only using numbers 1 through 5 or 1 through 10.

Counting Snowmen

Set out 10 paper lunch sacks, numbered 1 through 10. Print out a small picture of a snowman and make 55 copies of it. Have your child place the correct number of snowmen into each bag.

You can do this activity with any kind of item, tailoring it to the season or holiday. You could use hearts for Valentine's Day or bunnies for Easter.

Ornament Math

Have your child create a small Christmas tree out of construction paper. Next cut out a variety of different ornaments in all shapes and colors.

This activity is great for helping your child get comfortable using scissors and glue. Have your child decorate the tree they have made by gluing the ornaments on the tree.

Write out a series of questions for your child to answer, such as "I see ____________ red ornaments." "I see _____________ lights." "I see ____________ yellow stars." Older children can write in the answers themselves.

Snowball Count

Create a series of flashcards that have a snowman on each card. Print a number on each card (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). If possible, laminate the cards so that you can re-use them.

Lay a card in front of your child and have him or her try to identify the number. Give them a pile of miniature marshmallows and have them place the correct number of "snowballs" on the card next to the snowman.

The holiday season is a fun time to encourage your children to learn their numbers and counting by doing fun math activities. Have fun spending some quality time with your child while they learn some important math skills at the same time.

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