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Magic Candy Canes

A couple of years ago I found this fun idea for magic jelly beans for Easter. You have your kids plant jelly beans in the garden, and when they come out the next morning the jelly beans have magically grown into lollipops.

I recently ran across this idea for magic candy canes. They idea is the same, you have your kids plant a small candy (white tic tacs, peppermint candies, or red hots) in a bowl full of sugar, and then when they get up the next morning, the candies have magically grown into candy canes.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 box candy canes
  • Bowl of sugar
  • Small candies (peppermints or red hots)

I thought this was a really cute idea and was excited to show it to my kids. I am always looking for fun new holiday traditions, and this one is very creative.

magic candy canes

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